With a career spanning nearly 25 years, 2005 marks the coming of age for Leee John, signing to Candid Records his long awaited solo album "Feel My Soul". Candid Records is renowned for releasing music of quality, style and class which compliments Leee John's musical talents. The album "Feel My Soul" gives you Leee in a Soul-Jazz mode with original songs penned and produced by Leee alongside classic standards with modern arrangements.

Recording in the tranquil French town of Roquefort aided by co-production team of Eric Debeurge, Francois Gaucher and musical arrangements by Leee John. Presenting John Watson on keyboards, Stephane Huchard on drums, Stephane Kerechi on bass, Noel Godard on percussion and Dave Mansell on brass aided by sound engineers Dee Vaz and Ludovic Guichard the recording of the album was a Tour de Force for Leee.

Alongside the recording of the album was the filming of a DVD co-produced and directed by Stephane Peyrolo which includes interviews, photo galleries, live studio performances and extra bonus clips. Feel My Soul takes us on an electic musical journey with songs like the prolific The Thin Line written by Leee John and Toby Baker (who has co-produced and written for Eric Clapton and Michael McDonald amongst others) and classic songs like Strange Fruit and Small World.

With the right arena and environment Leee has reconciled himself with his music and completely let us into another side of his expression and emotion which you can be a part of with "Feel My Soul".

A musical tour-de-force, Feel My Soul features Leee's highly expressive reading of classic standards such as Billie Holiday's haunting "Strange Fruit", "Embraceable You" and Cole Porter's "Someone To Watch Over Me" along with exciting original material including the standout opening cut, "Sensuality", the cool 'n' hip "Jazzmatazz", "Now Is The Time (C'est Le Moment)" and "Thin Line". For all that he's achieved in a career notable for its consistency and longevity, Leee is most proud of his much-anticipated solo debut. Bold, creative and a musically satisfying experience, Feel My Soul is just the start of a new and exciting chapter for Leee John, ever a pioneer, as he steps out with a compelling album that is intimate and truly made with heart - and much soul. The CD comes with a bonus DVD of the making of "Feel My Soul".

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Feel My Soul

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